Commercial Maintenance

MG Maintenance works with a wide range of commercial clientele to help businesses stay on top of their maintenance work. Our team of experts offer services to commercial properties in the Canberra and Bungendore areas. 

Business Approach

No matter the size of the project, we take pride in offering a fast turnaround - 90% of the time we will attend and rectify the issue within 24 hours, most of the time, within the same work day. 

If your business needs minor or major maintenance to the property, we will ensure to complete the work as promptly as possible to make sure that your business or work is not impacted in any way. Get on top of it today with MG Maintenance. 

Additionally, we offer commercial contracts, compliant with


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More About Us

Tip-top Commercial Building Maintenance and Repairs

We dedicate all our efforts to commercial building maintenance , repairs, renovations and minor alterations. Painting, dry-walling, windows, balconies and kitchens are all tasks that require quality work without disrupting the flow of business. We assure you that MG Maintenance is your best choice if this is your requirement.

Three Scenarios When You Need Commercial Maintenance Services

Maintenance of commercial buildings and premises is a continual necessity, but there are three chief occurrences when you must know you can rely on a contractor to do the job. You can trust MG Maintenance to perform all three and many more jobs that the reality of commercial properties create for landlords, tenants and building managers.

  • Vacated premises. It is a fact that when tenants vacate premises, they rarely white box it. This means that the landlord (you) must engage the services of a property maintenance outfit to fix everything that is broken and left behind. The work must be done correctly and quickly because the new tenant is often already signed and rearing to move in.
  • Long-lease tenants. Wear and tear of fixtures and discolouration of paint is normal. However, where you have long-term tenants or occupy the building, it is necessary to replace worn-out fixtures and sloppy switches almost immediately by using a maintenance service that performs the work within a day.
  • Renovating. Commercial buildings must remain clean and presentable on the outside and inside at all times to imbue customer confidence. It becomes essential to build a solid relationship with your maintenance contractor through large jobs and small remedial work, as this ensures consistency and enthusiasm.

Why Choose MG Maintenance Over Our Competitors?

It is difficult to swing an impact drill by the cord and not hit eight handymen, but when you deal with us, you can be sure that we’re several levels above the rest. The most obvious differences when it comes to commercial property maintenance is experienced as follows:

  • Fast. From the initial contact via email to the telephonic call back, we are hyper-fast to discuss what work you need from us. We will then arrange for an inspection and provide a free quote on the proposed work – most times on the spot. We finish about 90% of accepted quotes within one or two business days unless we say differently in the quote for larger jobs.
  • Tools. We use the right tools for the job. This means we work fast, accurately and without collateral damage. We look after our tools because our tools look after us–quality tools meticulously maintained after each job.
  • Choice. We offer property owners and managers a simple choice by either performing ad hoc jobs or contracting for the general maintenance of your building, shopping centre or office block. All work is strictly done according to occupational health and safety regulations and never poses any risk to tenants, employees, patrons and clients. We also have police checks and Working With Vulnerable People accreditation.

MG Maintenance does complete maintenance and repairs to residential and commercial properties in Canberra, Bungendore and Queanbeyan. No job is too small, and no building is too large. We do it all - satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact us for a free quote on all commercial maintenance and repairs.

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