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Gardening Services

Making Horticulture a Walk in the Park With Our Gardening Services

At MG Maintenance, we employ years of experience in horticulture and groundskeeping to deliver gardening services that seek to transform your property into a place of solace. We take a specific approach to gardening by ensuring that your home or business and its surroundings exist in unison. With more properties drifting away from the natural world favouring brick and concrete, gardens are rare commodities that one should nurture and utilise whenever possible. Whether you have an existing garden or plan on creating one from the ground up, we are at your service.

Transforming Your Home With Our Residential Gardeners

Few things can positively influence your wellbeing and state of mind like a sprawling garden, acting as an escape from your bustling life. By creating a space that can put your mind at ease and simultaneously give your family an opportunity to take in a breath of fresh air, we can perform our duties with passion. Among our expansive range of services, we also cater to:

  • General garden maintenance. From trimming the lawn to tending to your precious roses, we take the utmost care in what we do. By treating each property as if it were our own, we ensure that our teams of tradespeople consider every detail.
  • Fencing. When your dream of a white picket fence begins turning into a reality, we are the people for the job. Our Canberra gardeners provide an inclusive service from crafting fences to your specifications to installation and maintenance.
  • Landscaping. If you envision your garden in a way that drastically differs from its current state, our horticulture teams can help to make it almost unrecognisable. Like an artist starting on a blank canvas, we can custom craft your outside space according to your desires.

Taking on Bigger Projects With Our Commercial Gardeners

Unlike many companies, we do not limit ourselves to private homes and are more than capable of maintaining the gardens in and around your business premises. We understand that first impressions are difficult to forget, and for this reason, we offer our services to commercial spaces. Maintaining larger gardens can be difficult, especially when you do not have the correct equipment or skills to keep weeds from popping out wherever you look. We elevate our services by:

  • Ensuring a fast turnaround time. Our company knows that time is of the essence and that each passing moment represents a possible business opportunity. By consciously performing our duties with time in mind, we can stay on track and out of the way of your discerning customers.
  • Taking our clients’ wishes into consideration from the onset. When we work with our customers, we encourage that they make requests or suggestions, thereby giving us a collective goal to work towards. Our gardening service values creative input and communication.
  • Making your business seem welcoming and conformable. Before entering a company’s premises, you cannot help but notice the exterior space and how it makes you feel. If your clients are met with a natural area that resembles the Garden of Eden, we are confident that good practice will follow within your business.

About MG Maintenance and Our Gardeners in Canberra

Operating as a local Aussie business, we possess a firm understanding of the fauna and flora that form part of our unique ecology, climate, and culture. By taking things such as endemic plant species and the compatibility of these florae into account when creating your gardens, we can promote the health and longevity of your natural spaces. A common mistake people make is trying to grow plants in places and in ways that cause them to struggle to take root and thrive, resulting in dilapidation and property devaluation. Instead of trying to force a garden to flourish, we allow the unique ecology of your garden to take the lead and show us how to improve our influence.

For a gardening service in Canberra that understands how to transform your grounds into a functional and aesthetic external space, make sure you work with us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us f or more information or an assessment of your garden maintenance needs.

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