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We offer free quotes to get the process started smoothly. Contact us today with any maintenance job, and we will respond quickly with a free quote. 

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If you think the job might be too small, think again! We have a tool for almost every job, and don’t mind the size of the project.

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Our services come with friendly, clear and straightforward communication. We ensure to be as helpful as possible throughout the entire process. 

Residential Maintenance

Welcome to

MG Maintenance 

Our team of experts prides themselves in taking on any job, big or small. We’re the masters in maintenance and know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. On top of that, we offer a wide range of solutions, and provide our clients with friendly and prompt services.

Whether you require residential maintenance and need a property to be prepped, and looking its best before sale or you require commercial maintenance for your business, we’re the team for you.

Let us do the work for you, and get your property looking its absolute best.

Contact us today to learn more.

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“WOW I received a call from Mickey within a couple of minutes of posting a quote request and the job was done on the same day...Now that is Outstanding!”


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“Absolutely fantastic! Great communication and very very helpful.”


Group 4

“Mickey did a great job and was very thorough.”


Our Work

Commercial Maintenance

Get Commercial or Residential Assistance From Our Handyman Services

From your windows to your walls, we can handle it all with our handyman services . Whether you need help in a residential or commercial capacity, our team can assist you with effective services and fast response times. We know how frustrating problems around the home or business can be, especially if it involves systems that people actively use, such as bathrooms or even locks on your doors. Choose MG Maintenance for a handyman that’s right for any job.

When To Call on Our Handyman Services in Canberra for Your Business

The right handyman for hire can save you and your employees from hours of trouble regarding commercial services. From your water systems to your wiring, here are some of the things we can assist with on your business property:

  • Fresh projects that require ground-up work. While some might think calling a handyman is only needed when something breaks, you should know that we provide more than repairs. If you require the installation of new systems on your property, we are the team for the job., For example, we can help you fit new light fixtures, install fencing, and more.
  • Repair services. Should something break on your property that requires the touch of a professional, our team can gladly help you get it back to a functional state. Our repair services stretch from plumbing to electrical. Should the job be out of our scope, however, we’ll point you in the direction of a suitable provider.
  • We can provide excellent maintenance work for your business property. Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping specific systems operational around the clock. The main goal of upkeep is to get ahead of developing problems with commonly used necessities.

When To Call on Our Home Handyman Services To Help Around the House 

When you need a local handyman for your home, it’s always good to have access to the information regarding which jobs they can complete for you. To help you call on our team when necessary, consider what we can do for your home:

  • A carpentry handyman from our team can assist with shelving installations. Improperly installed shelves can lead to unexpected breakages, which can cause severe damage to your home. We will work with you to identify precisely what you expect from your shelving and what aesthetic you want before we get to work.
  • If your roof or eaves needs some love, our team can provide the repairs. We never recommend that inexperienced people attempt roof repairs, which can lead to injury. Our team has the necessary equipment and skills to perform effective roof repairs, whether tile replacements or leak fixes.
  • We can assist with the repair of sliding doors in your home. Whether the door is old or has recently been damaged, we can investigate and fix it accordingly. Since sliding doors are a convenient way to get in and out of a room, they can severely disrupt the home when it malfunctions. We can take care of it quickly.
  • Nothing refreshes a home quite like a bathroom renovation, which we can provide. You might want to replace existing tiles, fix up your bath or shower or redo the entire bathroom. Whatever your plan for the renovation, you’ll be happy to know we’ve likely done it before and can do it again.

If you’re unsure whether our services cover your requirements, please give us a call. The easiest way to deter mine whether we can help you with a specific job is to talk to one of our professionals. Since our services cover such a wide variety, we understand that some clients might feel a job is too specific, but luckily, that is rarely the case.

When To Call on Our Home Handyman Services To Help Around the House 

Since the start of our business, we’ve had some recurring questions from clients. To get ahead of some of the questions you might have for us, we’ve put together a brief FAQ for you:

  • Can you do electrical work? We can take care of minor electrical work for you. You should note that major electrical work will require specialised personnel. We will let you know if the job is not in our wheelhouse.
  • Do you provide plumbing services? Our team can easily manage smaller scale plumbing jobs to help keep your home operational. However, large-scale commercial plumbing is something you should inquire about as the job may require tools that we do not have access to or cannot operate without specific licences.
  • Can you provide me with a quote before I commit to your services? Yes, we can. All we need from you are the project details. We will assess your requirements and let you know if we can do it, and how much the various aspects will cost.
  • Which areas do you service? Our team can provide you with a handyman in Canberra, Queanbeyan and Bungendore. 

About Us and Our Services for a Handyman Carpenter 

Our main priority on every job is to make sure our clients are happy. We work closely with you to meet your specific requirements, whether for effective repairs or new installations. We provide free quotes to everyone and have the necessary tools for almost every job.

Get your free quote now before committing to our services.

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